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wow so lovely

How many countries have you folks been to, besides where you live, how many other countries have you been to?

For me I reside in the United states. I only been to two other countries, those bordering the USA.

I been to Mexico twice, when I was in high school, my spanish class got to have us go on a trip. We flew to mexico city and took a bus from there to the western side of mexico. It was quite an adventure, beautiful terrain, got to meet many of the natives, dine in authentic mexican cuisine. The second time visiting mexico was during spring break heading to cancun. Don't remember too much (cause I was full of alcohol most of the time) but do remember the beaches and the lovely water daytime and night. It was so much fun.

I only been to canada once, I decide to do an 8000 mile roadtrip from st.louis out west, head up north into british columbia, spend a couple days there exploring. Awesome beautiful countryside, one of the best drives ever.

One of these day will explore other countries. Really want to go to new zealand and also some tropical countries out in the carribean.