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Iganga is a district in eastern Uganda. Like other Ugandan districts, it is named after its 'chief town'. It has a population of 716.311. The district is located in Central Uganda, about 25 km (16 miles) to the north of Lake Victoria. Iganga lies at an altitude of 1,138 m (3,732 ft.) above sea level and just north of the Equator. Iganga lies on the main road through East Africa from Kenya to the Ugandan capital Kampala. It lies within the Busoga tribal region, with the traditional Lusoga language still extensively used.

Iganga is a rural district, and the chief town is not a tourist destination yet as is Jinja to the west. The majority of people in Iganga are farmers. The main commercial crops grown include maize, sugarcane, coffee, tea, and soybeans.

Iganga district is one of the most impoverished districts in Uganda, which is significantly affecting the children. The life-threatening impacts children in Iganga face every day include malnutrition, health assistance deprivation, access to education, shelter deprivation and exposure to crime.

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