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☘️ Only in Ireland 😉☘️
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🪨 Céide Fields, Co. Mayo, Ireland
The Céide Fields are the oldest known field systems in the world! They are over five & a half millennia (5,500 years) years old.

A unique Neolithic baron landscape, which has changed our perception of our Irish Stone Age ancestors.

There are remains of stone field walls, houses & megalithic tombs. They are all preserved beneath a blanket of peat over several square miles of this coastal landscape.

They tell a story of the everyday lives of a farming people, their organized society, their highly developed spiritual beliefs, & their struggle against a changing environment far beyond their control.

Visit the multi-award winning Centre, which has exhibitions, audio-visual show and tearooms. Take a guided tour with the centre's professional guides & discover an amazing Irish history preserved beneath your feet!
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🌊 Scenic Co. Mayo has a massive coastal area! 🌊
It's enviable coastal position on the rugged mid north-western side of Ireland, assures you of vast costal, Island & mountain views!
This county is also steeped in a rich history & this is still very evident in the landscape.

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We were on this fab MSC ship, the Seaview, in 2019 on a Mediterranean cruise.
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🩴🌊 Keem Bay, Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland 🌊🩴

Introducing you to Co. Mayo with a bit of style -
Explore our award winning west coast island beach Keem Bay!
Positioned in it's own little nook, on the south western side of Achill Island, in Co. Mayo.

If you are travelling along the Wild Atlantic Way you cannot miss this place!
As you reach Achill by bridge, don't worry if you get lost,
as the Island is so small you won't go far wrong!
After the bridge, taking the road to the left along the coast, with the beaches & sea to your left.
Eventually this leads onto the upwardly winding clifside road to Keem Bay that it is as breath taking as it is frightening,
but the rewards on offer are so worth the scare!
This cliff top road crosses a local geological boundary which exposes a thick seam of
Amethyst quartz in the side of the cliff!
Here you can hunt for some purple treasures on one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

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