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10 HTML attributes you might not know exist.

10 HTML attributes you might not know exist. - Daily Tech

10 HTML attributes you might not know exist. - Daily Tech

This article covers 10 HTML attributes that you may not be familiar with. These include the autocomplete, download, contenteditable, read-on...
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Social engineering refers to a wide range of attacks that leverage human interaction and emotions to manipulate the target. During the attack, the victim is fooled into giving away sensitive information or compromising security.

So, if you receive an unusual request from a stranger, it is best to avoid it.

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Don’t access your online banking app while on public WiFi.

Being on a public WiFi network can pose all sorts of security risks, as you never know who else is connected. If you must use public WiFi, avoid using apps that contain any personal or financial information to mitigate the chance of it being stolen. If you need to access these apps while in public, think about setting up a VPN for safe browsing first or use your mobile data.

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What are the risks of reusing the same passwords?

Credential stuffing is the name of an automated attack that takes the compromised credentials from one leak/site and uses them to break into user accounts from other services/sites that use the same username and password. A credential stuffing attack can make hundreds of attempts on dozens of websites in a matter of minutes.

Passwords are typically obtained by cybercriminals through data breaches and phishing.

Say I use the same password to sign up on website A and on website B because it’s easier for me to remember. Then, say a week later, my credentials for website B are compromised. Well, website A isn’t any safer than website B. And if my attacker is smart, they’ll try my credentials on website A and several other sites.

Worse, even if I’m eventually notified from website B that my credentials are compromised (I may never be notified), there’s a good chance I won’t think about website A, or C, or D, etc. even though they’re all compromised.

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The scam message says 'Look who just died' and includes the link. Don't click it!!

It appears to be coming from a friend through Facebook Messenger.

It reads, "Look who just died" and includes a link.

Your curiosity may tempt you to click the link to see who died. Don't do it. It's not clear what will happen if you click on that link, but it's nothing good. This message is just like a fisherman baiting a hook to catch a fish. Don't take the bait.

Numerous versions of the scam:
A lot of viewers are passing on scam messages to me, and I appreciate that. But many are also saying, "I haven't heard you talk about this specific text.".There are so many variations of these scam texts and emails that it would be nearly impossible to discuss every single one.

The best advice is to not click on any links in messages that appear to be suspicious and are coming from unfamiliar sources.

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